You’ve spent time and money getting people to your website. Now let’s turn them into customers. Digital Marketing is about more than just clicks. You need warm, qualified leads and a solid reason to talk to them. So the important question is, how do you convert those clicks into customers?

Content marketing is the most common answer, but while it clearly has its place, it has its limitations as well. Content marketing is the strategy of giving away valuable, SEO optimized content (articles, videos, etc.) to your target market, to promote yourself as a thought leader, while generating trust in your brand and interest in your products or services. To turn these prospects into qualified leads, digital marketers then use a “gated content” strategy of giving away some of this content in return for contact information such as names, email addresses, and phone numbers. These then become leads for following up on.

It’s a great approach, but in reality the quality of leads generated this way are rarely as strong as we want them to be. This is because, up until this point, the conversation has been one-way. They know lots about you, but you know almost nothing about them. But what if you could get qualified leads to tell you why they need your products or services? And then actually look forward to a call from you to discuss their needs?

Believe it or not, you can. And using this simple marketing technique, we generate multiple qualified leads for our consulting business every day. And we’ve barely scratched the surface.

We accomplished this by creating an on-line, value-focused diagnostic tool that automatically produces a custom report for our prospects, along with an offer to review the report with them at no charge. It then lets us know that the report has been completed, and sends the lead instantly to our Business Development team for follow-up. The diagnostic tool we created is completely customizable, so over time, clients started asking us to create versions for them as well. And the results have been amazing.

If you’d like to start converting clicks into customers, just complete the short survey below and we’ll contact you right away to discuss how to generate qualified leads for your business right away.

Custom Diagnostics

We can help you build complex online diagnostic surveys that provide you and your users with valuable analysis and feedback.

Dynamic Reports

Generate professional reports with dynamic feedback and charts from the data you collect.

Turn-key Diagnostics

Easily embed one of our ready made diagnostic surveys into your website. Some sample diagnostics include:

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